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HTTP Developer API For Sending SMS

Send SMS from any programming language like VB/ASP/
The post either via GET or POST needs to be done on

The variables to be used are:

User Your username on the website
TransectionID Your Transection no. on the website
sender Alphanumeric/Number SenderID from your approved list of SenderID's.
PhoneNumber Mobile number of the recipients. for multiple recipients enter numbers seperated by comma.
group (optional) The name of the group you wish to send message to.
Groups can be created and managed on the website.
text The text of the message.Charged 1 unit for 160 characters per recipient.
unicode 1 - if the message has unicode characters. 70 Unicode characters make 1 sms. 0 - For standard SMS (Optional). Please check if the gateway supports unicode SMS.
track 1 - if you wish to Track the delivery status of the message. (Optional) Please check if the gateway supports Delivery Reports

A sample post to send sms would be like (Make sure when you put this API into your code it must be in a single line as we have put it in multiple lines to show it in screen without using horizontal scroll bar.) Simple Text Messages text=This+is+a+sample+sms&PhoneNumber=919822012345&track=1


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